We digitize your HACCP concept!

Solution to the problem:

  • Paperless documentation
  • No test is forgotten
  • Data available online any time
  • Multi-lingual– the app talks your employees’ native languages
  • Automatic notice of any discrepancies
CCP Check Screenshots

Maximum flexibility

The start package automatically includes 5 checkpoints!

Additional checkpoints can be booked at any time!

Existing customers use CCP-Check in a wide variety of areas, so if you have more than 100 checkpoints, we will be happy to make you an individual offer!

Test completely without obligation and free of charge!


  • Smart user guidance
  • No training required
  • Texts in employees native language
  • Standardised procedures, active test prompts
  • Persons responsible are automatically alerted to discrepancies

Controll Center

  • Layouts for all common control points (incl. metal detector, temperature, sieves, magnets, pH,...)
  • Individual definition of control points
  • Individual test planning with variable test intervals
  • No installation of software on the company server
  • Terminal-customised display

Online database 

  • Encrypted storage of data on servers in Germany
  • Counterfeit- and audit-proof construction through blockchain technology
  • Clear control of all tests
  • Variable evaluations (incl. dates/times, control points, batches)
  • Data exported as Excel
  • Access to data from any location

• To the first application in production in 10 minutes
• From QM-practice for QM-practice
• No conflict with the security strategies of the IT department

CCP-Check – how it works:

Web app: user login

Mobile app: connecting smartphone with QR code

Web app: creating tests

Mobile app: scan and start tests

Mobile app: test successful – green screen

Web app: overview and evaluations of tests

Mobile app: test failed – red screen

Mobile app: dialogue with the supervisor as well as test enable or cancel

Web app: overview and evaluations of tests with error messages


  • Minimal effort required in production, full documentation in the database
  • Immediate data transfer to the server through W-LAN link
  • Audit safe– selective evaluation with certifications
  • Annotation of test data is possible


  • Smartphone with iOS 10+ or Android 5.1+
  • Mobile apps in the app store or Google Play Store
  • W-LAN in the business or data card in the smartphone
  • PC or tablet with Internet access
  • Access to the web app via the Internet link
  • Information exchanged between smartphones by Messenger